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Carol Sanford, CEO
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Be a place businesses are call to come, to create and to contribute

Developmental Economies Group International applies innovative methods to proven approaches to grow economies. These methods are designed to reveal a region's natural potential to attract industry and grow communities.

Economic growth comes from understanding a “place” – its
geo/bio-cultural and social history from which “de-veloping” (removing the veil) begins. DEGI works with the “natural” vocation of regions by creating economic development opportunities “out of” the Story of Place®.

DEGI uses a non-human-centric view of business and community development where humans are not the “deciders” and “creators” but are in a collaboration – co-creating growth and wealth processes in alignment with the living system demarked by the natural boundaries where cities and villages often form.

Traditional economic development is most often based on one of three pursuits:

1) Attracting companies to the community by negotiating the best deal. That deal is most often in terms of tax reductions and incentives for relocating or establishment.

2) Managing and influencing governance entities to provide advantages to business in a region.

3) Finding associated clusters of related businesses that might augment the stability of existing business.

DEGI is a tested fourth way that leverages the other three pursuits without the cost and downsides; and its methods are built from a pull approach rather than push - There is a powerful draw to be there—as a business, for a job, or for investment.